California State CDL Requirements:

If you are interested to obtain CDL license to start your trucking career in California, then you need to CDL license from California state department of DMV. Vehicle having specific accessories requires different class of CDL license.

Class A CDL License: If you want to drive a vehicle weighing more than 26,001 pounds with the towing greater than 10,000 pounds, then you need to have class A drivers license.
Class B CDL License: To drive a vehicle weighing more than 26,001 pounds with the towing less than 10,000 pounds, you have to consider class B drivers license.
Class C CDL License: Vehicles weighing less than 26,001 pounds require class C CDL license. Class C category may include vehicles carrying hazardous materials and school bus containing more than 16 passengers.

In order to obtain the CDL license in California, you first have to make sure that you are at least 18 years of age and have an excellent vision and health condition. To prove good health, you have to take medical certificate from a concerned body. In order to drive the vehicles between two different sates, you need to be 21 to become eligible. All CDL applicants must pass CDL general knowledge exam. A road skills test and actual driving test on the road. On-road testing will be done in the same vehicle for which you are trying to obtain the license. CDL general knowledge exam is first step to obtain California CDL license. Morover, you have to have valid driving license from California state department of DMV.

To drive a vehicle with particular requirement, you have to pass the specific endorsement. For example, to drive a vehicle carrying hazardous material, you need to pass the hazardous material endorsement test. Same is for school bus, Air brakes, tanker vehicles, Double-triples, etc. For more information, feel free to contact our professionals.

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