Connecticut State CDL Requirements:

In order to start your trucking career in Connecticut, you need to have CDL license from Connecticut state department of DMV. In Connecticut, you need following CDL license classes for driving vehicles with different gross weight.

CDL Class A: In order to drive vehicle weighing larger than 26,001 pounds with combination vehicle having weight more than 10,000 pounds, you must obtain Class A CDL license from Connecticut state department of DMV.
CDL Class B: For driving vehicles weighing more than 26,001 pounds with towing having weight less than 10,000 pounds, you need to have class B driver’s license.
CDL class C: For vehicles weighing less than 26,001 pounds, you will have to pass the CDL class C license exam.

In order to apply for Commercial Driver’s License in Connecticut, you must be at least 18 years of age with good vision. Your vision test will be conducted by concerned authority and will issue a medical certificate. To do inter-state driving, you must be at least 21 years of age. Three tests will be required before becoming eligible for CDL exam. General knowledge exam, road skills test and actual on-road driving test. Remember, on-road driving test will be conducted in the same category vehicles for which you are interested to get the license.

There are additional endorsements, if you want to want to drive a vehicle with specific requirements. For example, a vehicle with air pressure breaks, you need to pass the CDL Air brake test conducted by Connecticut state department of DMV. Similarly, there are endorsement tests for school bus, hazardous materials, double/triples, tanker vehicles and so on. Remember, if you have class A driver's license, then you are eligible to drive the vehicles falling in category B and C. For more information, feel free to contact our professionals.


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